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JDM Plumbing is here for you. Throughout our 30-year history, many different situations have passed through our hands and during that time, our knowledge has grown exponentially. Feel free to browse our gallery to see some of the work we have completed. There are many reasons to use our services.

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These are just some of the many different services we offer at JDM Plumbing. If you don’t find what you are looking for here then give us a call at 416-749-5560 or email us at [email protected]. We will accommodate you the best we can. We are always here to help you with all of your drain repairs and leaking pipes.


We have the most advanced technology to help with the location of leaks. Using the FLIR camera, we can find leaks that cause you all of your headaches. We are able to incorporate this technology to assist with wall leaks, ceiling leaks, and even heating leaks. Not all situations require the use of the FLIR camera, but having it available to us will greatly help with locating a difficult to find leak. FLIR also works great to detect different heating issues. If your home or building has water-fed radiant heating, the FLIR may detect a blockage within the system. (For example: closed valve, stuck check valve, no water circulation through pipes, etc.)


JDM Plumbing makes use of all different types of drain machines, and a high-pressure flusher to correct all the diverse situations we could possibly run into. From kitchen sinks to main drains, and floor drains, all the way up to large building drains, we will clear them all! Whether your drains need to be snaked or replaced, you can feel confident knowing that when JDM is on the job, it will be done right and in the most cost-effective way.


From servicing an existing fixture, to supplying you with a new one, JDM is your company to call. Do you have a toilet not filling, or draining slowly? Dripping faucets, or a leaking shower spout? JDM has what you need when you need it. What if you need that cartridge replaced or a loose handle changed? We will supply you with a new one. Rest assured that JDM has you covered!


JDM has been involved in many remodelling projects. Some of our projects include converting storage rooms into apartment rental units, as well as completely piping an entire 10 machine laundry room complete with septic pit and pumps. We will work closely with your engineer or contractor to ensure completion. We have also completed many residential, commercial, and high-rise rough-ins of entire homes, apartments, and commercial units. If you are looking to upgrade or replace your water service or current kitchen or washroom to a more updated look, then book an appointment with us today.


Over our many years of plumbing, we have seen many things that still amaze us. If you are having a hard time diagnosing a plumbing issue, allow JDM to inspect your situation for you and give you the different options available for repair or replacement. Different properties have needs based upon individual desires. Some buildings have developed maintenance programs to keep ahead of problematic issues surrounding property ownership. Such programs include snaking stacks bi-annually or more, flushing of horizontal main drains, cleaning of catch basins and sump pits, etc. Staying on top of your maintenance practices will allow you to spend less money in the end and feel confident that your property is running efficiently.


If you have low-pressure problems, then a galvanized pipe may be the culprit. Many older homes within the GTA still have galvanized piping providing water service throughout. Call JDM and we will remove those sections, or all if you choose, to get you the pressure you are looking for. Also for those with KITEC piping, it will only be a matter of time before a failure will occur. Have it replaced by us to have peace of mind knowing you have avoided a possible disaster. (KITEC piping was a version of a plastic pipe with an inner layer of the aluminum inside. This pipe has had many failures and is no longer installed. A quick google search will show you the reasons why you would want to replace it.) Call us today for help.



Plumbing Services are a 24 Hour Emergency Toronto JDM toy cars
Plumbing Services are a 24 Hour Emergency Toronto JDM
Plumbing Services are a 24 Hour Emergency Toronto JDM commercial plumbing


Happy Customers

Condo Plumbing Emergency

Very professional and super clean. My wife and I are extremely happy with JDM’s work. It was 3 AM when my wife got up to feed our newborn. She noticed water leaking from the bathroom into the hall of our condo in The Junction. JDM responded immediately and had the problem resolved quickly, and the price was fair.
True pros.

Thank You.

Ryan Bolte, Toronto

Kitchen Sink Repair

I had some issues with my kitchen sink. It was clogging and it was becoming a nightmare. I had another company come to look at it and “fix” it but it had problems just days later. I called John up and he came quickly. He told me the product the other installer used was faulty and replaced it with his recommendation. haven’t had any problems since. Would definitely use him again.

Weese, from Toronto

Plumbing Emergency

The plumber who came was friendly and did the work neatly and quickly. Gave suggestions for some future plumbing we will need. Price was better than other companies we called as well!

Sushima Hossenbux from Toronto

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